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Top 15 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For 2022

A brand is more than just a logo. In today’s world, customer perception towards a brand is driven by not only what you do but how you do it. Businesses all over the world are making strategic decisions around their sustainability policies. This change is mainly driven by a change in behaviour among individuals, organisations and governments who are prioritising sustainability as an essential aspect of any purchasing decision.

With so many eco-friendly promo items to choose from, we understand that this task can be daunting. To make your life easy, we have listed the 15 best eco-friendly promotional products for 2022!

Best eco-friendly promotional products

  1. Reusable Coffee Cups
  2. Stylish Calico Bags
  3. Metal Drink Bottles
  4. Metal Reusable Straws
  5. Recycled Ball Pen
  6. Reusable Food Wrap
  7. Eco-Friendly Bamboo Notebook
  8. Organic Clothing
  9. Wooden Flash Drive
  10. Tote Shopping Bags
  11. PET Caps
  12. Washable Kraft Paper Cosmetics Bag
  13. Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker
  14. Jute Cooler Bags
  15. Slate Cheese Board

1. Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable Coffee Cups

There are over a billion disposable coffee cups that land up in landfill in Australia. By using a reusable coffee cup, we are helping the environment as it results in less disposable cups sent to landfill as well as saving the resources and energy that would otherwise be consumed to produce them.  Australia loves coffee and custom branded reusable coffee cup is a great way to get your branding exposed at every coffee break.

2. Stylish Calico Bags

Calico Bag

Custom branded calico bags are one of the most cost-effective advertising tools. It is something that customer will use again and again, increasing exposure for your brand. Calico bags also come in various size and colours. Most customer prefers natural-looking cotton calico bags. If you have something to say, then calico bags are a fun way of getting the word out there.

3. Metal Drink Bottles

Metal Drink Bottles

Metal drink bottles are one of our favourite promotional products. The key to choosing the right promotional product is giving something useful to the end-users. With metal drink bottles, you can never go wrong. Everyone loves receiving a cool looking drink bottle. Today, you can decorate the metal drink bottles in different ways to achieve the look and feel you are after.

4. Reusable Metal Straws

Stainless Steel Straw

Reusable Metal Straws

Plastic straws have become a symbol of the terrible effects of plastic on our environment.  Reusable metal straws are a great alternative to this problem. It would help if you opted for the stainless straw that is rustproof and easy to clean.

5. Recycled Ball Pen

Eco Pens and Pencil Sets

Offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pens with our recycled ball pen. Recycled ball pens are made from the recycled paper and are eco-friendlier compared to regular plastic pens.  These pens come with a variety of branding options. You can either pad or screen printed with your logo in up to two positions.

6. Reusable Food Wrap

Reusable Food Snack Pouch

Reusable Food Wrap is one of the most trending eco-friendly promotional products for 2022. It is an environmentally friendly “green” ways to eliminate the need for the single-use plastic wraps. Custom branded reusable food wrap is a sustainable way of exposing your brand at every lunch break.

7. Eco Friendly Bamboo Notebook

Bamboo Notebook

Eco-friendly bamboo notebook makes a great promotional item for a corporate giveaway at conferences and events. This is sure to catch people’s attention which will help increase your brand awareness. You are sure to grab the headlines at the next event or conference if you go with the bamboo notebook.

8. Organic Cotton T-shirts

Organic Cotton T-shirts

Branded clothing is the most popular promotional item. Your client must have received a countless number of promotional tees over the years. When you choose organic cotton tee, you differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitors. Consumers care about the materials used and how it is manufactured. So, choose a tee with a story and share your story among your target audience.

9. Wooden Flash Drive

Wooden Flash Drive

Tech promotional products are a great hit among the audience today. A wooden Flash drive is a cool eco-friendly way to promote your brand. This is a perfect fit for technology companies or cool start-ups.

10. Tote Shopping Bags

Tote Bags

Eco friendly promotional bags: With single-use plastic bag being banned across different states in Australia, custom branded tote shopping bags continue to surge in popularity as a popular promotional item. Tote shopping bags are something that will be used again and again at every grocery shopping outing. Thus, promotional tote bags should always be part of your merchandising mix.

11. PET Caps


Made from 100% recycled PET fabric, this cap is a cool sustainable way to promote your brand. Available in different colours, this cap provides the perfect medium for printing your logo or message. You can take your swag to the next level with this cap.

12. Kraft Paper Cosmetic Bag

Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft Paper Cosmetic Bag is a great promotional tool for a women-centric brand. If you are looking for something different to custom mugs or pens, then this is a great option. As cosmetics are very personal, this will help establish an emotional bond with your customer.

13. Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers

Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are not your day to day promotional item. This something more unique. Bamboo Bluetooth speakers are a great, environmentally friendly tech promotional item. It looks stylish when branded correctly.

14. Jute Cooler Bags

Jute Cooler Bags

Jute Cooler Bags are a great sustainable summer promotional item.  With an outer made from Jute and a unique style, these cooler bags stand out. This perfect item for summer to keep your lunch and drinks cold. If you are looking for a promotional item for sports events, this is a must-have!

15. Slate Cheese Board

Slate Cheese Board

Slate is a naturally occurring stone that is inherently environmentally friendly. It is incredibly durable, easy-care and absorbent, so it is an excellent material for making coasters and serving board. Add an element of luxury with a luxury bamboo cheese board with a slate insert.

We should all play our part to help protect the planet. By using eco-friendly promotional products, you will not only be promoting your business or service, but you will also be joining forces with other like-minded people to help protect our planet.

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