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  • Customised Promotional Candy and Confectionery for your campaign!!

    Promoshop will bring the joy of custom confectionery to your next event by branding your design onto the packaging, the candy itself, or both! We stock a diverse range of delicious chocolate and lolly products, including everyday favourites such as chocolates, jelly beans, and lollipops. We also offer mints, cookies, chewy candy, rock candy, savoury nuts and more. Whether you require promotional confectionery to hand out at a school function, snacks to keep your business expo moving, or products to sell for your local community organisation, we’ve covered you.

    We utilise two common areas when branding on confectionery. We either brand directly onto the candy (when this is possible), or we custom brand the food’s packaging. Each involves considerable care and only the strictest hygiene and quality control practices. We use only food-grade safe inks when we print your design onto confectionery. The branding is performed locally by a much experienced and expert decoration team, so you can always be confident in the safety and cleanliness of our edible products.

    Branded lollies are easy to offer your guests something tasty without filling them up too much between meals. They’re great for any event, and they’re delicious! Cubic Promote has had years of experience organising yummy candy for events, and our expert confectionery suppliers know how to make lollies that taste great. We also conduct regular taste tests to ensure every new range of products we produce looks great and tastes delicious. You can always be confident in receiving a tasty, versatile treat when you order from PromoShop.

    Promotional candy and confectionery are perfect items for corporate gifts or promo campaigns.

    • First of all, because lollies are considered a treat, people tend to have positive associations with them, which will then pass on to your company.
    • Secondly, candy is small and easy for people to tuck away into a pocket or purse, so they’re happy to take it and carry it with them.
    • Thirdly, it’s affordable and can be purchased in large quantities, so if you have a large-scale event or promotion and want to distribute a branded item to a crowd, candy is brilliant.
    • Fourthly, there’s a huge range of choices in confectionery types, from mints and chocolates to savoury options such as nuts and bar mixes. There’s sure to be something appropriate to your company and the message you want to communicate to potential customers or existing clients.
    • Finally, candy comes in packaging that’s easy to customise – we will print labels with your colours, logo and even a phrase or message if desired. This will be placed on every packet or container. Depending on your choice of item, the colours of the candy itself can even be aligned with your brand.

    Take a look through our catalogue – you’ll be amazed by the range of sweet treats and packaging. We offer discounts for bulk orders, so don’t hesitate order promotional candy and confectionery for your campaign today!

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