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    Corporate Gifts Australia: Personalisation of corporate gifts is a trend on the rise, and it has been one of our key offerings at PromoShop. Personalisation shows your team member or client that you have gone the extra mile with your gifts. Personalised business gifts help to establish a personal bond with the recipients.

    Everyone should adopt safe habits. We expect this trend to be even more important. You can promote safe hygiene at your workplace through BYO (Bring Your Own) concept. Please make sure everyone in your team has their own named drinkware.

    We can help customise drink bottles and coffee cups with the brand logos and people’s names.

    Get Corporate Gifts Ideas in Australia from PromoShop

    Corporate relationships and partnerships are about symbiosis and how both parties can benefit from the alliance. It’s no different when it comes to using promotional products to represent your brand. The quality, shape, functionality and brand you attach your brand to convey much meaning and value.

    In this sense, when it comes to corporate product gifting choosing the right brand of product to attach your brand elements is a significant choice. Here’s a breakdown of retail brand and product leveraging.

    So, why does a band as popular as Coldplay or a company as large as Nike create products collaborating with other artists and brands? Surely, their brand is enough to convey their intended message to the market! Let’s have a look at the benefits of co-branding…

    Corporate gifts are hard. Do you appeal to the success-driven, workhorse nature of the recipient, or do you tap into the soft, gooey inside you know they’ve been hiding all these years under that Windsor knotted tie? We’ve covered all your corporate gifting needs with whichever route you choose.

    Before we get to the corporate gift selection phase, let’s break down the process of how to make an appropriate selection.

    Here’s our Guide List on Corporate Gifts in Australia

    1. Who’s the clientele? Are they clients or prospects? Understudies or your superiors (within the office only, of course)? This step is crucial. Know your audience!

    2. Read the room. What’s the occasion and what’s the mood? Are you celebrating or commending, or perhaps generating leads or prospecting? There are many ‘corporate’ gifting scenarios, so know which one you’re in before you buy!

    3. What’s the crowd size? Are you looking for a few high-end gifts for a handful of board members? If so, you might find a leather-bound notebook with custom monogramming appropriate. Perhaps you’re gifting recipients of a large corporate conference? In this case, a goodie bag of small niceties might do the trick. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate in a gift bag?

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