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    Few industries are more important in the shaping of our world’s future than that of education. We never stop learning, of course, but during the formative early years of a person’s life it’s essential that they are afforded the opportunities and the resources to grow towards the person they want to be.

    There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the educators and teachers who offer their time, effort and knowledge towards the education system and those passing through it are the ones who make the real difference. Their dedication towards tomorrow and the kids who will shape it is unmatched.

    However, at PromoShop we have done our best to contribute to these efforts by sourcing and supplying a wide range of quality products to make the process of teaching and learning as simple and effective as possible for those in the education system.

    From the basics like pens and notebooks to sports equipment for shaking out that energy after a long day of studying, we’re glad to have you covered with products for any situation you could imagine throughout a day of learning and cognitive exploration.

    Hard day of studying? Stress balls are perfect for settling back down.

    Battling your way through some arithmetic? Pocket calculator should do the trick.

    Showing Shakespeare how a real narrative is composed? Let those character developments flow through one of our finest pens.

    Nothing is more important than furthering the development of those around us. We at PromoShop continue to extend our commendation to you. Just remember, the next time you’d like to make the learning process a little more fun for the students and a little easier on the teachers, check out our ‘Education’ product page to find what’ll work best for you.

    Promotional USB Drives, Custom USB Drives & Promotional Power Banks

    Promotional USB drives, flash drives or memory sticks as they are sometimes known, are one of the most versatile promotional items on PromoShop for the computer age; great for both corporate or consumer promotion. Not only can the casing be branded with your logo or message, but they can be pre-loaded with product or company information including graphics, e-Brochure material or even short video clips.

    Along with that we also supply promotional power banks in Australia. Which will be custom power banks as per your need.

    PromoShop offers Flash Drives with 512Mb, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16GB memory options depending upon the needs of your marketing campaign. Price increases with memory capacity, so be sure to order the right size for any pre-loaded message. For example, a simple illustration of a product with some text may easily fit on a 512Mb memory stick, whereas a video clip on the latest model car or a large catalogue may need the memory capacity of a 16GB Flash Drive. Files may also be locked and password-protected if desired (for example, if they contain a confidential price list).

    Browse the PromoShop range of Standard, Premium or Custom USB Flash Drives to select the right presentation for your product or corporate ID. As a guide, prices are given for 1GB Flash Drives printed one colour or laser engraved one position, but prices for extra colour and extra position print are readily available. Because USB Flash Drives are sourced express indent by air delivery direct from China prices will vary with changes in exchange rate and will be confirmed prior to acceptance of order.
    10 Year Data Retention Guarantee

    All promotional USB Flash Drives on PromoShop are manufactured with Grade A Samsung memory chips and come with a 10 year data retention warranty.
    From the moment we wake up to our last moments in the day technology surrounds us and is a part of our lives. Technological products have created efficiencies and facilitated creativity in ways no other category of product has ever done, and because of the unprecedented investment and resource allocation global manufacturers have dedicated to tech there now exists a vast multitude of tech products. Sure, this means there are options aplenty, but it also means finding the right technological product for you can be overwhelming and confusing.

    What product would work for my needs? Is this built to last? How do I know whether this is a quality product? Can I brand it the way I’d really like?

    So many questions, so few clear answers…but that’s what we’re here for!

    From earbuds to USBs, wireless chargers to bluetooth speakers, whatever you’re after you’ve found yourself in the right place. Technology has evolved to a point that whichever industry you operate in we’ll have the right product to make your colleagues’ lives easier. Whether you work in the technology industry, simply need to store files or want to set the office-atmosphere by playing some cool tunes to get your employees’ heads bopping while they do their thing, technological promotional products make a great case to be the first category to flick through.

    Importantly, after selecting your tech product you’ll want to improve it by adding your logo to it. The beauty of tech is that the products are often rigid and always built to last, meaning there is ample opportunity for branding and therefore, enduring brand exposure. A vast array of colour options are available on all products, too, so you’ll want to consider whether you’re after a monochromatic look, on-brand-only colours, or perhaps a selection of all colours on offer!

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