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Promotional Drinkware is one of the most popular promotional items in Australia as it leaves a lasting impression while still being stylish and useful.

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  • Boost your Brand with Custom drinkware by Promoshop

    Skip the wasteful plastic cups and enhance your brand with reusable drinkware that clients will adore and use for years. Our range of stainless steel, aluminum, and shatterproof glass alternatives comes in a variety of shapes and may be customized with your own message, brand, or logo.

    Whether it’s strong yet sleek water bottles for staff to carry about on a daily basis or stylish insulated tumblers for client gifts, these vessels leave a lasting impression. They also encourage hydration and reduce the use of single-use cups, which benefits both people and the environment.

    Drinkware as Promotional Gifts

    Branded promotional drinkware is a cost-effective method to enhance brand recognition, offer a useful gift, and boost potential income. PromoShop offers a carefully curated range of promotional drinkware featuring a diverse selection tailored to meet various requirements. We provide water bottles, coffee mugs, tumblers with and without straws, bar and glassware, novelty drinkware, as well as drinkware gift sets.

    Personalized drinkware and accessories are highly popular among both recipients and gift givers when it comes to promotional products. It’s evident that logoed drinkwares are a favored choice for your next promotion initiative.

    Custom-logoed bottles serve as an ideal on-the-go beverage container—they’re suitable for hot or cold drinks while being stylish yet practical. Additionally, our promotional drinkable products contribute toward the movement aimed at reducing plastic waste due to its durable materials which ensure longevity.

    Recipients will keep these items for an extended period, reducing the need for disposable products that contribute significantly towards landfill waste.

    Benefits of Using Custom Promotional Drinkware

    Providing personalized drinkware to potential customers, employees, and clients is a smart business move.

    • Drinkware appeals to individuals of all ages and backgrounds — everyone enjoys receiving these practical items.
    • Most people hold on to their drinkware gifts for over a year and use them multiple times each week.
    • In addition, an impressive 71% of recipients are more inclined to engage with the company or advertiser who presented them with a promotional product.
    • Presenting tumbler cups, travel mugs, or other types of drinkware will effectively enhance brand visibility and attract more customers to your business premises, drive traffic to your online store, or boost attendance at your events.
    • Another remarkable statistic is that a single cup, mug, or tumbler generates an average of 1400 impressions throughout its lifespan!
    • This means that over one thousand consumers become familiar with your company through just one impactful promotional item.

    Popular Promotional Drinkware in Australia

    1. Printed Mugs
    2. Flasks
    3. Glassware
    4. Sports Bottles

    1. Printed Mugs

    Offering a custom mug to prospective clients is a simple way to initiate friendly interaction and introduce them to your brand. Personalize the mugs with your employees’ names, showing appreciation for their contributions and motivating them to work with greater dedication.

    2. Flasks

    Customized flasks and tumblers are great for people with hectic morning schedules. These personalized travel mugs or tumblers might help them streamline their morning routines by ensuring that their favorite beverage is always served at the ideal temperature.

    3. Glassware

    Imagine your clients sipping a delicious beer from elegantly branded cups, exhibiting your brand to its full potential. Promotional glasses can boost your marketing efforts in a favorable way.

    4. Sports Bottles

    Printed sports bottles can assist your clients in staying hydrated daily and make a wonderful inclusion in marketing efforts targeting the fitness and wellness community. These bottles are effective for enhancing brand visibility among individuals who enjoy cold beverages.

    Q: Are drinkware promotional products effective?

    Whenever your clients or employees use products that have your company’s name on it, then your brand awareness will be boosted.

    Q: Do you also sell coasters?

    Yes, at PromoShop we sell a number of different coasters made from plastic, bamboo or cardboard.

    Q: Can I mix my protein in these bottles?

    We offer a separate line of products (fitness shakers) for those who lead an active life.

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