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    Hey, you, sell me this pen. Ever thought about why a pen was the focal point of the most universally known sales pitch? Because everybody, everywhere, needs one, or two, or 100! Pens and writing tools alike have always been among the most popular promotional products and despite the abundance of note-taking technology available to us, studies show that not only do many people still prefer to use pen and paper instead of a digital document, but physically writing something down optimises our ability to remember the information committed to paper.

    When you open the top drawer of your desk is there a pen you gravitate towards habitually? I sure have one, and I’m willing to bet you do, too. Perhaps it has a nice comfortable grip, a smooth ink flow, or maybe the colour is perfect for note taking. Regardless of why you love it, the more you pick that pen up and jot down your weighty thoughts the more often you’ll think about the brand on the side of it, gradually enhancing your sense of positive association with that brand. It’s a simple marketing tool, sure, but it’s one that continues to be used over and over because of two reasons:

    1. A remarkably low cost-per-impression rate
    2. Note-worthy (pardon the pun) marketing efficiency

    So, now that you remember why promotional pens, pencils and the like make for such a good, low-cost promotional idea, let’s get to finding the right one for you. Enjoy browsing our range below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll be glad to help!

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