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Anti-Bacterial Range

In these changing times, showing support for health and safety takes on new importance. Companies want to reassure customers that preventive health is a top concern. Promotional antibacterial items are a practical way to demonstrate care while promoting your brand.

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  • Recipients can feel more prepared with individually packaged disinfecting wipes, reusable hand sanitizers, and customised fabric face masks. Envision weary travellers pulling masks from their bags, their journey automatically ready because of your attention to detail. Now, employees may clean their hands on the fly while maintaining visibility of your logo when they arrive at crowded labour locations.

    By giving sanitising essentials that literally shield against unseen threats, promotions can spread reassurance as well as company messages. Now more than ever, showing preventive health is a top priority fosters appreciation from communities.

    Promotional Face Masks

    Reusable cloth face masks are a practical and impactful promotional antibacterial product. With masks being part of daily life now, your logo will get lots of visibility as people go about their routines.

    Masks enable workers to operate safely in meetings, on the job site, and in other settings. Subtle logo placement reduces irritation while still ensuring exposure. Washable textiles mean that one mask can promote you for a long time, as long as practices are maintained.

    Your message literally spreads with people as they run errands, commute, and spend time with loved ones. You’re showing you care about their well-being beyond just isolated events. Masks become a symbol of prioritising community safety, which is more important than any one product.

    Compared to regular giveaways, masks have ongoing promotional power. People appreciate that you enable them to protect themselves and others as they go about their lives. This inspiring show of care and support builds strong, lasting relationships. For promotional value and positive impact, reusable cloth masks are hard to beat.

    Portable Hand Sanitisers

    Hand sanitisers make a practical gift that is appreciated even more nowadays. Small portable bottles with your logo allow people to keep their hands clean on the go.

    They’re convenient for times when soap and water aren’t available. A quick squirt means hands are refreshed and ready for interactions like handshakes. This encourages safe contact without disrupting busy schedules.

    Compared to washing, sanitizer is gentler on skin. It maintains smooth moisturised hands through the day even after frequent use. The bottles are compact to fit in pockets or bags too, so the sanitizer can be refilled and used for a long time.

    Distributing hand sanitizers is a useful way to support health precautions. It enables people to live honourably and carry out their responsibilities at work. Your company’s branded bottles demonstrate that it values health, which is something that people value more than ever in these uncertain times. A modest donation can make a big difference in demonstrating your moral character and fostering brand trust.

    Disinfectant Wipes

    Disinfectant wipes can be a handy promotional antibacterial range in today’s environment of increased hygiene awareness. Conveniently packaged wipes that promote your brand let contacts clean frequently-touched surfaces easily throughout their day.

    Whether wiping down devices before meetings, disinfecting areas in client offices or cleaning public spots, the wipes provide reassurance. Their scent also leaves a nice feeling along with peace of mind from each use.

    Giving wipes to clients lets you demonstrate your concern for their wellbeing without frightening them. It enables safe travel and ongoing work. Wipes also promote hygiene, which is crucial for many tasks but may be overlooked by hectic schedules.

    Q: Does Promoshop only have cloth masks?

    No, we also have N95 Respirator face mask and Viroblock face mask in addition to our two-layered cloth face mask.

    Q: How effective is the N95 face mask?

    The mask has CE and FDA certification and is made from multiple layers of non-woven polymers with a 95% filter efficiency.

    Q: How big are the sanitiser bottles?

    We have a range of sizes for our sanitisers that include 10ml, 30ml, and 60ml sizes.

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