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  • The use of apparel as a branding tool requires no explanation. Everything we wear bears the name of somebody or their brand, and therefore takes on meaning beyond the garment itself. But how can you best communicate your logo on your own apparel? What’s involved? Well, depending on the garment and the logo (size, colours etc.) the logo replication process varies. Let me walk you through what’s involved before you trust us with your own logo!

    So, you’ve got your beloved logo. You’re very proud of it, and so you should be! It represents the company, its values, past successes and future accomplishments. But how do you make sure it’s communicated properly and not just slapped onto a t-shirt in low resolution, or perhaps with tainted colours? Of course, any differentiation between your actual logo and the printed version is a HUGE no-no.

    If you’re new to the promotional products industry, you’ll likely become overwhelmed with decoration phrases and will end up with more questions than answers if you’re not guided through the process. Fear not, that’s what we’re here for! What’s the difference between a screen print and a digital transfer? What works best for the material I’m going to use? Why is there a colour limit? Does 3 shades of red count as 1 colour, or 3? …you might be asking yourself.

    Firstly, relax. Most of the time you won’t be required to make these decisions yourself because your account manager will employ their expertise and know-how on your behalf (that’s why they ask so many questions! To make sure the products turn out just right…). So, because you won’t have to know all the details, we’re going to give you a quick outline of some key words and processes that you might be introduced to.

     Screen Printing

    Think of your favourite t-shirt. The logo or image on that was likely screen printed. A versatile process used on a range of products and materials, from metal to cotton, a screen print is often the most effective, efficient and cost-effective process. Simply, a machine scans your logo and applies it to the product one precise swipe of paint, one colour at a time. Do note though, that if your logo has a gradient in it this can’t be replicated with a screen print. For that, we’ll go digital.

    Digital Transfer

    Simply, we take a digital version of your image and transfer it exactly as-is to the product, allowing for all of the minor details, colours and shapes that make your logo so unique to be replicated and communicated perfectly.

    Pad Printing

    This technique is as simple as it sounds! A mould of each section (usually distinguished by colour) is made into a mould which is dipped in the required paint and applied with precision to the product. Similarly, to the screen print, this technique can only use block colours, but is highly efficient when creating large quantities of product.

    Sounds easy enough? Great, let’s get started…

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