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    Why Australian Made is important

    Australia produces a lot of great products such as clothes, toys, health and skincare, fresh flowers, and more that we use as promotional products! Australian Made encourages people to look for Australian products when they go shopping or are choosing a business to establish a partnership with. Country of origin labels help customers know whether a product is genuinely made or grown in Australia, doing the investigative work for you. Choosing to buy Australian products means we support the Australian economy and workers. One of the world’s most familiar country of origin labels is the green triangle with the gold kangaroo – the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo. You’ve probably seen it before!

    Why does it matter where something was made?

    So now you know how to work out where a product comes from, but why does it matter? There are some big reasons why you should buy Australian and Indiginous products whenever you can. Two of the foremost reasons are quality and safety. These are key, of course, but an additional benefit is that buying local goes a long way towards helping our economy. Our manufacturers, farmers, fishermen and processors make some of the best products in the world. Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law, so products that have been manufactured locally must meet these standards. Also, Australian products usually come with local customer support, so if you need spare parts or repairs, we’re just a phone call away. When you buy Australian products, the value you spend stays in Australia. But what does this actually mean? „

    • You are supporting Australian jobs. The company that produces the product can employ more Australians. „
    • If more Australians have jobs, it means families are likely to have more money to do fun things like go on a holiday, go out for dinner or a movie, and pay for things like ballet classes, sporting club membership, as well as the weekly groceries and bills. „
    • The company and employees will pay tax to the Government. This means there is more money to spend on things like hospitals, sporting facilities and schools.

    For these reasons, we do our best to source the best Australian made products for our clients and for our local manufacturers.

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