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Lapel Pins and Badges

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Promotional Badges and Lapel Pins

Lapel pins and promotional badges customised with corporate, brand or logos have been the focus of many hugely successful marketing campaigns around the world, varying from major brand launches to cause marketing, fund raising and rock concerts. As well, they are regularly used for a wide variety of corporate identifiers, for example on the name badges of fast food employees.

Custom lapel pins and promotional badges are manufactured in a number of ways to meet different marketing and corporate needs including:

Hard Enamel Cloisonne Lapel Pins are jewellery quality and at the premium end of the scale. They can use gold plating, nickel (silver colour), black nickel or even antique finishes to achieve the desired branding effect. The same hard enamel technology can also be applied to a variety of different fasteners such as butterfly clutches, tie tacks, tie bars, cuff links and stick pins. They are often used for high end corporate ID and recognition where intricate detail is required, sales and long service awards, sports clubs, premium product giveaways and membership/privilege club pins.

Soft Enamel Metal Stamped Lapel Pins are produced with less fine detail and are accordingly less expensive. They are commonly used for brand giveaways, goodwill items and fundraising. They can be used with all of the above fastening options, and can also be supplied on printed cards featuring whatever information you would like to include about your company.This includes theme printed cards and even ‘Pin & Win’ Scratch Games for some fundraising applications.

Printed Metal Lapel Pins with Epoxy Coating suit yet another application in which offset printing with an up to four colour process reproduction is required. These pins are ideal for products or brands that need a picture, for example racing cars, chocolate bars or an animal mascot.

Photo Etched Lapel Pins are the cheapest pins to produce in high volume. They use colour fill just like the stamped hard and soft enamel pins, but these colours are applied to shapes photo-etched out of copper that may then be plated in gold, silver or black nickel. They are widely used for high volume fundraising applications and often placed on a printed card backing.

Special Pins. PromoShop® can also produce other specialist varieties of lapel pin and promotional badges such as die-struck gold, silver, pewter and antique finishes with or without paint fill. Other options include lapel pins with precious stones often used for service awards or even flashing lapel pins.

Button Badges. PromoShop® offers many sizes of these popular easy to print promotional badges suited to many brand, children’s and theme promotions.

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