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Corporate relationships and partnerships are all about symbiosis - that is, how both parties can benefit from the alliance. When it comes to using promotional products to represent your brand, it’s no different. The quality, shape, functionality and brand you attach your own brand to conveys much meaning and value. 

In this sense, when it comes to corporate product gifting choosing the right brand of product to attach your own brand elements to is a significant choice. Here’s a breakdown of retail brand and product leveraging. 

So, why does a band as popular as Coldplay or a company as large as Nike create products in collaboration with other artists and brands? Surely their brand is enough to convey their intended message to the market! Let’s have a look at the benefits of co-branding…

  1. Increase Audience Engagement with Product

    So, you’re looking to produce some attire for your upcoming corporate golf day. By customising and improving a technical Nike jacket with your logo next to the swoosh you’re leveraging their iconic brand and all its associated attributes to increase awareness of your own logo allowing you to reach a broader target audience and generate excitement of users to wear your jacket by virtue of branding. By increasing reach and leveraging a co-brand these collaborations can effectively promote your brand and expedite the adoption of the brand as a successful promotional product.

  2. Exchange Brand Values

    You’ve got the jacket, but now you need some balls for your team to hit into every bunker in sight! By branding Titleist balls, for instance, you’re benefiting from their history of quality and reliability as a golf brand, adopting brand values cultivated by their team over decades of representation. Much like their dedication to success on the course, your brand next to their logo now harnesses and communicates a similar sentiment of reliability, quality, and a continuous striving for success.

  3. Reliability

    When you’re using a product to represent your brand in the eyes of potential customers nothing is more crucial than that product being of good quality and reliable, as your services are. By selecting a product from a trusted brand name, not only will you benefit in the above ways, but you can also rest assured that the standard of manufacture will reflect well on your brand for a long time to come.
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